Industrial Controls & Automation

What is Steck?

Most of you probably recognize names, such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Allen Bradley; since they are the industrial automation world giants. However, only a few of you might know the name STECK, since it is just starting to make its way into this market. STECK is highly recognized across Latin America for its high-quality automation products at the most reasonable market price. (I’m not kidding, just take a look at their prices).

Let’s dig a little more into their history

Founded in 1975, today STECK is a leader in sales of industrial, commercial, and residential electrical materials and equipment in the Brazilian market. It became one of the most relevant suppliers in Latin America. Steck has earned the preference of professionals in the electricity sector in its operations, in more than 18 countries. Currently with manufacturing plants in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and so on.

They pride themselves on their products, and quality is the fundamental factor they rigorously strive for in their line of work. With its own laboratory and permanent improvement of its processes, Steck products comply with the most rigorous standards and meet the highest quality standards, certified by the major entities of LATAM.


Steck has a wide array of automation products, such as Thermomagnetic Breakers, Industrial Plugs, Panel Boards/ Enclosures, Limit Switch, Motor Starters, Relays, Contactors, Mini breakers, Surge Protection Devices, Differential switch, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, and much more!

Not for every situation

The only inconvenience is the fact that their products have short electrical durability. Let’s do a comparison to explain this: A Schneider contactor (ex: 9amp in AC-3) has two million cycles, while a STECK contactor with the same characteristics has about half of those cycles. However, if you are on a budget and durability is not essential, you don’t need to sacrifice quality, Steck is your top choice. Just to throw it in here, we have many leading brands on stock, such as Schneider and Siemens in case durability is a key factor for your operation!

If you want to learn more about this brand, you can contact us or just visit our website where you can find all of the STECK products we have IN STOCK in our Miami offices. You can also check out all the brands we offer and much more.

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